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 Position Name Telephone E-Mail
President Dennis Affleck
Vice-President   Carol Manning
Secretary/TreasurerBob Gant
Resort Management
2685 Horseshoe Dr., S #215
 Naples, Fl. 34104

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Magnolia Cove Roof Cleaning Announcement to Owners

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Magnolia Cove - Declaration of Condo

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Maintenance Obligations at Magnolia Cove

The following need to be understood by all unit owners in Magnolia Cove.  Our documents set forth provisions that we all need to understand, and the following is a summary of those points:

1. The condo association is responsible for exterior painting, exterior cleaning and exterior building repairs, with the exception of windows, doors, screens and fences.  The repair to windows, doors, screens and fences are the unit owner's responsibility.  In those cases where two unit owners share a common fence and/or gate, the costs of repair should be shared between the two owners.
2. The condo's budget which is established each year provides for a reserve fund which covers costs for which the condo association is responsible.  Each condo owner needs to consider his/her costs for maintenance for which he/she is responsible.  In the event a replacement part, e.g. gate latch,  is needed, the Board can be helpful in suggesting a source where a replacement part can be bought.

2017 Minutes
Click here for January 17, 2017 Minutes



 Wind Mitigation Information 
 Archived Minutes 

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